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How to Open Garage Door With Broken Spring

How to Open Garage Door With Broken Spring

Does a broken spring cause your garage door to refuse to open? You shouldn’t freak out or get a pro right now, so don’t fret. Even if your garage door spring breaks, you can open it by following these easy steps. In the event that your garage door spring breaks, follow these simple steps to open the door:

First, unplug the opener for the garage door.

1. Detach the garage door opener cable from the door. You can open the door manually and avoid further damage to the opener by doing this. Try to find the lever or cord that you can use to release the motor unit in an emergency. To detach the opener from the door, pull down on the handle.

2. Keep the Door Open and Secure

Always lock the door in the open position to avoid slamming it shut or having it fall unexpectedly. Hold the track just below the roller on both sides of the door with a vice grip or a g-clamp. While you work on it, the door will not be able to open or close.

3. Raise the Door by Hand

Now that the door is open and locked, you can lift it by hand. Lift it up using your legs as supports as you stand in front of the door, firmly grasping it with both hands. The door could be heavy, so be careful if you don’t lift it properly.

4. Hold the Door In Place

After you’ve raised the door all the way, prop it open so it doesn’t close on you by accident. Underneath the door, set a sturdy object like a block or piece of wood to keep it from moving. Check that the prop is well-fastened so it won’t fall or shift.

5. Get in Touch With an Expert for Repairs

Even though you managed to open your garage door despite the broken spring, keep in mind that this is only a short-term fix. Having a professional garage door repair service replace the broken spring is highly recommended. Experts with the proper training and equipment should handle replacing or repairing the spring because doing it yourself could be risky.

Even if your garage door spring is broken, you can open it temporarily by following these steps. This will give you access to your garage until you can get it fixed by a professional. Keep your well-being as your top priority and don’t hesitate to seek professional assistance.