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How To Measure Garage Door Springs

How to Measure Garage Door Springs

Do the springs on your garage door seem to be giving you trouble? It can be helpful to know how to measure them in order to troubleshoot and find the right replacements. If you need to know how to measure garage door springs, this article is for you. Come on, we can begin!

1. Prioritising Safety

Safety must always come first when measuring garage door springs. Be careful to close and secure the garage door before turning off the power to the opener. To safeguard yourself, make sure to wear protective gear such as goggles and gloves.

2. Find Out What Springs Are Used

Torsion and extension springs are the two most typical kinds of garage door springs. Above the garage door you’ll find the torsion springs and on either side you’ll find the extension springs. It is important to know the type you have in order to take the proper measurements.

3. Torsion spring measurements

Finding the length, inside diameter, and wire size is the key to measuring torsion springs. Find out how long the spring is by measuring it end to end with a tape measure. After that, you need to find the spring’s inside diameter, which is the measurement across its centre. Last but not least, find the spring’s wire size, which is the thickness of the wire.

4. Find the length of the extension springs.

The diameter and unstretched length of an extension spring are the dimensions you should measure. Measure the spring’s length from end to end when it is not stretched to get its unstretched length. Take the spring coil’s width as your diameter measurement.

5. Make a Note of the Dimensions

Both the torsion and extension spring dimensions should be recorded. Be careful not to make any mistakes by not checking your calculations twice.

6. Locate an Appropriate Substitute

Now that you have the dimensions, you can start looking for the right substitutes. Get springs that are either an exact fit or very near to your measurements. Picking the right springs is critical for your garage door’s security and smooth operation.

7. Think About Seeking Expert Help

Call a professional garage door technician if you have any questions about measuring garage door springs or are having trouble finding the correct replacements. You can rely on their extensive knowledge and experience to guide you in choosing and installing the best garage door springs.

Having mastered the art of measuring garage door springs, you are now more prepared to diagnose problems and locate appropriate replacements. Always put your safety first and, if necessary, consult an expert. You can keep your home safe and your garage door in good working order by following these steps.